Titulky k seriálu Counterpart

S02E10 Better Angels CZ
S02E09 You to You CZ
S02E08 In from the Cold CZ
S02E07 No Strings Attached CZ
S02E06 Twin Cities CZ
S02E05 Shadow Puppets CZ
S02E04 Point of Departure CZ
S02E03 Something Borrowed CZ
S02E02 Outside In CZ
S02E01 Inside Out CZ
S01E10 No Man's Land – Part Two CZ
S01E09 No Man's Land – Part One CZ
S01E08 Love the Lie CZ
S01E07 The Sincerest Form of Flattery CZ
S01E06 Act Like You've Been Here Before CZ
S01E05 Shaking the Tree CZ
S01E04 Both Sides Now CZ
S01E03 The Lost Art of Diplomacy CZ
S01E02 Birds of a Feather CZ
S01E01 The Crossing CZ