Titulky k seriálu Dexter

S08E12 Remember the Monsters? CZ
S08E11 Monkey In a Box CZ
S08E10 Goodbye Miami CZ
S08E09 Make Your Own Kind of Music CZ
S08E08 Are We There Yet? CZ
S08E07 Dress Code CZ
S08E06 A Little Reflection CZ
S08E05 This Little Piggy CZ
S08E04 Scar Tissue CZ
S08E03 What's Eating Dexter Morgan? CZ
S08E02 Every Silver Lining CZ
S08E01 A Beautiful Day CZ
S07E12 Surprise, Motherfucker! CZ
S07E11 Do You See What I See? CZ
S07E10 The Dark... Whatever CZ
S07E09 Helter Skelter CZ
S07E08 Argentina CZ
S07E07 Chemistry CZ
S07E06 Do the Wrong Thing CZ
S07E05 Swim Deep CZ
S07E04 Run CZ
S07E03 Buck the System CZ
S07E02 Sunshine and Frosty Swirl CZ
S07E01 Are You...? CZ
S06E12 This Is the Way the World Ends CZ
S06E11 Talk to the Hand CZ
S06E10 Ricochet Rabbit CZ
S06E09 Get Gellar CZ
S06E08 Sins of Omission CZ
S06E07 Nebraska CZ
S06E06 Just Let Go CZ
S06E05 The Angel of Death CZ
S06E04 A Horse of a Different Color CZ
S06E03 Smokey and the Bandit CZ
S06E02 Once Upon a Time ... CZ
S06E01 Those Kinds of Things CZ
S05E12 The Big One CZ
S05E11 Hop a Freighter CZ
S05E10 In the Beginning CZ
S05E09 Teenage Wasteland CZ
S05E08 Take It! CZ
S05E07 Circle Us CZ
S05E06 Everything Is Illumenated CZ
S05E05 First Blood CZ
S05E04 Beauty and the Beast CZ
S05E03 Practically Perfect CZ
S05E02 Hello, Bandit CZ
S05E01 My Bad CZ
S04E12 The Getaway CZ
S04E11 Hello, Dexter Morgan CZ
S04E10 Lost Boys CZ
S04E09 Hungry Man CZ
S04E08 Road Kill CZ
S04E07 Slack Tide CZ
S04E06 If I Had a Hammer CZ
S04E05 Dirty Harry CZ
S04E04 Dex Takes a Holiday CZ
S04E03 Blinded By the Light CZ
S04E02 Remains to Be Seen CZ
S04E01 Living the Dream CZ
S03E12 Do You Take Dexter Morgan? CZ
S03E11 I Had a Dream CZ
S03E10 Go Your Own Way CZ
S03E09 About Last Night CZ
S03E08 The Damage a Man Can Do CZ
S03E07 Easy as Pie CZ
S03E06 Si Se Puede CZ
S03E05 Turning Biminese CZ
S03E04 All in the Family CZ
S03E03 The Lion Sleeps Tonight CZ
S03E02 Finding Freebo CZ
S03E01 Our Father CZ
S02E12 The British Invasion CZ
S02E11 Left Turn Ahead CZ
S02E10 There´s Something About Harry CZ
S02E09 Resistance Is Futile CZ
S02E08 Morning Comes CZ
S02E07 That Night, A Forest Grew CZ
S02E06 Dex, Lies, and Videotape CZ
S02E05 The Dark Defender CZ
S02E04 See-Through CZ
S02E03 An Inconvenient Lie CZ
S02E02 Waiting to Exhale CZ
S02E01 It's Alive! CZ
S01E12 Born Free CZ
S01E11 Truth Be Told CZ
S01E10 Seeing Red CZ
S01E09 Father Knows Best CZ
S01E08 Shrink Wrap CZ
S01E07 Circle of Friends CZ
S01E06 Return to Sender CZ
S01E05 Love American Style CZ
S01E04 Let's Give the Boy a Hand CZ
S01E03 The Popping Cherry CZ
S01E02 Crocodile CZ
S01E01 Dexter CZ