Titulky k seriálu Eastwick

S01E13 Pampered and Tampered 0
S01E12 Red, Bath and Beyond 0
S01E11 Magic Snow and Creepy Gene 0
S01E10 Tea and Psychopathy 0
S01E09 Tasers and Mind Erasers 0
S01E08 Paint and Pleasure 0
S01E07 Red Ants and Black Widows 0
S01E06 Bonfire and Betrayal 0
S01E05 Mooning and Crooning 0
S01E04 Fleas and Casserole 0
S01E03 Madams and Madames 0
S01E02 Reaping and Sewing 0
S01E01 Pilot 0