Titulky k seriálu Big C

S04E04 The Finale CZ
S04E03 Quality of Death CZ
S04E02 You Can't Take It with You CZ
S04E01 Quality of Life CZ
S03E10 Fly Away CZ
S03E09 Vaya Con Dios CZ
S03E08 Killjoy CZ
S03E07 How Bazaar CZ
S03E06 Life Rights CZ
S03E05 Face Off CZ
S03E04 Family Matters CZ
S03E03 Bundle of Joy CZ
S03E02 What´s Your Story? CZ
S03E01 Thin Ice CZ
S02E13 Crossing the Line CZ
S02E12 The Darkest Day CZ
S02E11 Fight or Flight CZ
S02E10 How Do You Feel? CZ
S02E09 A Little Death CZ
S02E08 The Last Thanksgiving CZ
S02E07 Goldilocks and the Bears CZ
S02E06 The Little c CZ
S02E05 Cats and Dogs CZ
S02E04 Boo! CZ
S02E03 Sexual Healing CZ
S02E02 Musical Chairs CZ
S02E01 Losing Patients CZ
S01E13 Taking the Plunge CZ
S01E12 Everything That Rises Must Converge CZ
S01E11 New Beginnings CZ
S01E10 Divine Intervention CZ
S01E09 The Ecstacy and the Agony CZ
S01E08 Happy Birthday, Cancer CZ
S01E07 Two for the Road CZ
S01E06 Taking Lumps CZ
S01E05 Blue Eyed Iris CZ
S01E04 Playing the Cancer Car CZ
S01E03 There´s No C in Team CZ
S01E02 Summer Time CZ
S01E01 Pilot CZ