Titulky k seriálu Care Bears

S04E48 The Music Video 0
S04E47 Songfellow Strum And His Magic Train 0
S04E46 A Rhyme In Time 0
S04E45 The Fabulous Safety Game 0
S04E44 A Day Without Tugs 0
S04E43 It's Raining, It's Boring 0
S04E42 Food Frolics 0
S04E41 Bad Luck Friday 0
S04E40 Coconut Crazy 0
S04E39 Tugs The Brave 0
S04E38 One Million C.B. 0
S04E37 Grumpy's Little Friend 0
S04E36 The Frozen Forest 0
S04E35 The Secret of the Box 0
S04E34 On Duty 0
S04E33 King Of The Moon 0
S04E32 A Hungry Little Guy 0
S04E31 Cheer's Bears Chance 0
S04E30 The Space Bubbles 0
S04E29 The Thing That Came to Stay 0
S04E28 A Care Bear's Look at Food Facts and Fables 0
S04E27 Gram's Cooking Corner 0
S04E26 The Care-A-Lot Games 0
S04E25 The Care Bears Exercise Show 0
S04E24 Ski Trouble 0
S04E23 The Most Ancient Gift 0
S04E22 Under The Big Top 0
S04E21 The Mystery Of The Phantom 0
S04E20 The Care Fair Scare 0
S04E19 Dr. Brightenstein's Monster 0
S04E18 Treat Heart Baba And The Two Thieves 0
S04E17 The Fountain Of Youth 0
S04E16 Bedtime for Care-a-Lot 0
S04E15 The Perils Of The Pyramid 0
S04E14 Grin And Bear It 0
S04E13 The Pirate Treasure 0
S04E12 The Care Bears Carneys 0
S04E11 Beautiful Dreamer 0
S04E10 Cheer Of The Jungle 0
S04E09 The Turnabout 0
S04E08 Caring for Spring 0
S04E07 The Show Down 0
S04E06 Lots-a-Heart's Wish 0
S04E05 The Lost Gift 0
S04E04 The Factory of Uncaring 0
S04E03 No Business Like Snow Business 0
S04E02 Hearts At Sea 0
S04E01 The Care Bears Town Parade 0
S03E11 The Best Way to Make Friends 0
S03E10 The Caring Crystals 0
S03E09 The Purple Chariot 0
S03E08 Grumpy the Clumsy 0
S03E07 The Cloud Monster 0
S03E06 The Two Princeses 0
S03E05 The Gift of Caring 0
S03E04 Desert Gold 0
S03E03 The Magic Lamp 0
S03E02 Bright Heart's Bad Day 0
S03E01 The Wrath of Shreeky 0
S02E16 The Cloud of Uncaring 0
S02E15 Order on the Court 0
S02E14 The All Powerful Mr. Beastly 0
S02E13 Grams Bear's Thanksgiving Surprise 0
S02E12 Birthday Blues 0
S02E11 The Long Lost Care Bears 0
S02E10 The Bravest of the Brave 0
S02E09 I, Robot Heart 0
S02E08 The Camp Out 0
S02E07 The Big Star Round-up 0
S02E06 The Sleeping Giant 0
S02E05 Lost At Sea 0
S02E04 Home Sweet Homeless 0
S02E03 The Great Race 0
S02E02 Grumpy's Three Wishes 0
S02E01 Care-A-Lot's Birthday 0
S01E22 The Girl Who Called Wolf 0
S01E21 The Cloud Worm 0
S01E20 The Old Man and the Lighthouse 0
S01E19 Wedding Bells 0
S01E18 Drab City 0
S01E17 Dry Spell 0
S01E16 Concrete Rain 0
S01E15 The Magic Shop 0
S01E14 The Night the Stars Went Out 0
S01E13 Mayor for a Day 0
S01E12 Runaway 0
S01E11 Day Dreams 0
S01E10 Magic Mirror 0
S01E09 The Forest of Misfortune 0
S01E08 The Show Must Go On 0
S01E07 The Last Laugh 0
S01E06 Soap Box Derby 0
S01E05 Lucky Charm 0
S01E04 Split Decision 0
S01E03 Braces 0
S01E02 Birthday 0
S01E01 Camp 0