Titulky k seriálu Why Women Kill

S02E10 The Lady Confesses CZ
S02E09 The Unguarded Moment CZ
S02E08 Murder, My Sweet CZ
S02E07 The Woman in Question CZ
S02E06 Dangerous Intruder CZ
S02E05 They Made Me a Killer CZ
S02E04 Scene of the Crime CZ
S02E03 Lady in the Lake CZ
S02E02 The Woman in the Window CZ
S01E10 Kill Me as if It Were the Last Time CZ
S01E09 I Was Just Wondering What Makes Dames Like You So Deadly CZ
S01E08 Marriages Don't Break Up on Account of Murder – It's Just a Symptom That Something Else Is Wrong CZ
S01E07 I Found Out What the Secret to Murder is: Friends. Best Friends. CZ
S01E06 Practically Lethal in Every Way CZ
S01E05 There's No Crying in Murder CZ
S01E04 You Had Me at Homicide CZ
S01E03 I Killed Everyone He Did, But Backwards and in High Heels CZ
S01E02 I'd Like to Kill Ya, But I Just Washed My Hair CZ
S01E01 Murder Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry CZ