Titulky k seriálu Big Sky

S02E01 TBA 0
S01E16 Love is a Strange and Dangerous Thing 0
S01E15 Bitter Roots 0
S01E14 Nice Animals 0
S01E13 White Lion 0
S01E12 No Better Than Dogs CZ
S01E11 All Kinds of Snakes CZ
S01E10 Catastrophic Thinking CZ
S01E09 Let It Be Him CZ
S01E08 The End is Near CZ
S01E07 I Fall to Pieces CZ
S01E06 The Wolves Are Always Out For Blood CZ
S01E05 A Good Day to Die CZ
S01E04 Unfinished Business CZ
S01E03 The Big Rick CZ
S01E02 Nowhere to Run CZ
S01E01 Pilot CZ