Titulky k seriálu Dirty John

S02E08 Perception is Reality CZ
S02E07 The Shillelagh CZ
S02E06 The Twelfth of Never CZ
S02E05 Scream Therapy CZ
S02E04 More to It Than Fun CZ
S02E03 Marriage Encounter CZ
S02E02 The Turtle and the Alligator CZ
S02E01 No Fault CZ
S01E08 This Young Woman Fought Like Hell CZ
S01E07 Chivalry CZ
S01E06 One Shoe CZ
S01E05 Lord High Executioner CZ
S01E04 Shrapnel CZ
S01E03 Remember it was Me CZ
S01E02 Red Flags and Parades CZ
S01E01 Approachable Dreams CZ