Titulky k seriálu Hudson & Rex

S03E16 The Art of the Steal 0
S03E15 Seeing is Deceiving 0
S03E14 The Secret Life of Levi 0
S03E13 Mansion on a Hill 0
S03E12 Top Dog 0
S03E11 Blood on the Tracks 0
S03E10 Fanning the Flames 0
S03E09 Grave Matters 0
S03E08 Sleeping Beauty 0
S03E07 All in the Litter 0
S03E06 Endless Summer 0
S03E05 Prescription-Rex! 0
S03E04 Under Pressure 0
S03E03 Into the Wild 0
S03E02 Manhunt 0
S02E19 In a Family Way 0
S02E18 Old Dog New Tricks 0
S02E17 The Graveyard Shift 0
S02E16 Flare of the Dog 0
S02E15 Finger Foodie 0
S02E14 Tunnel Vision 0
S02E13 In Pod We Trust CZ
S02E12 Rex and the City 0
S02E11 Rex Machina 0
S02E10 The French Connection 0
S02E09 Bullet in the Water 0
S02E08 Game of Bones 0
S02E07 The Woods Have Eyes 0
S02E06 Under the Influencer 0
S02E05 Dead Man Walking 0
S02E04 Strangers in the Night 0
S02E03 Blind Justice 0
S02E02 Over Ice 0
S02E01 Man Of Consequences 0
S01E13 The Rex Files 0
S01E12 A Cult Education 0
S01E11 Bad Water Rising 0
S01E10 Art of Darkness 0
S01E09 The Mourning Show 0
S01E08 Fast Eddie's 0
S01E07 Trial and Terror 0
S01E06 Murder She Thought 0
S01E05 The Pet Sitter 0
S01E04 School Daze 0
S01E03 Haunted by the Past 0
S01E02 Fearless Freaks 0
S01E01 The Hunt 0