Titulky k seriálu Mentalist

S07E13 White Orchids CZ
S07E12 Brown Shag Carpet CZ
S07E11 Byzantium CZ
S07E10 Nothing Gold Can Stay CZ
S07E09 Copper Bullet CZ
S07E08 The Whites of His Eyes CZ
S07E07 Little Yellow House CZ
S07E06 Green Light CZ
S07E05 Silver Briefcase CZ
S07E04 A Hint of Yellow CZ
S07E03 Orange Blossom Ice Cream CZ
S07E02 The Graybar Hotel CZ
S07E01 Nothing But Blue Skies CZ
S06E22 Blue Birds CZ
S06E21 Black Hearts CZ
S06E20 Il Tavolo Bianco CZ
S06E19 Brown Eyed Girls CZ
S06E18 Forest Green CZ
S06E17 Silver Wings of Time CZ
S06E16 Violets CZ
S06E15 White as the Driven Snow CZ
S06E14 Grey Water CZ
S06E13 Black Helicopters CZ
S06E12 The Golden Hammer CZ
S06E11 White Lines CZ
S06E10 Green Thumb CZ
S06E09 My Blue Heaven CZ
S06E08 Red John CZ
S06E07 The Great Red Dragon CZ
S06E06 Fire and Brimstone CZ
S06E05 The Red Tattoo CZ
S06E04 Red Listed CZ
S06E03 Wedding in Red CZ
S06E02 Black-Winged Red Bird CZ
S06E01 The Desert Rose CZ
S05E22 Red John's Rules CZ
S05E21 Red and Itchy CZ
S05E20 Red Velvet Cupcakes CZ
S05E19 Red Letter Day CZ
S05E18 Behind the Red Curtain CZ
S05E17 Red, White and Blue CZ
S05E16 There Will Be Blood CZ
S05E15 Red Lacquer Nail Polish CZ
S05E14 Red in Tooth and Claw CZ
S05E13 The Red Barn CZ
S05E12 Little Red Corvette CZ
S05E11 Days of Wine and Roses CZ
S05E10 Panama Red CZ
S05E09 Black Cherry CZ
S05E08 Red Sails in the Sunset CZ
S05E07 If It Bleeds, It Leads CZ
S05E06 Cherry Picked CZ
S05E05 Red Dawn CZ
S05E04 Blood Feud CZ
S05E03 Not One Red Cent CZ
S05E02 Devil's Cherry CZ
S05E01 The Crimson Ticket CZ
S04E24 The Crimson Hat CZ
S04E23 Red Rover, Red Rover CZ
S04E22 So Long, and Thanks for All the Red Snapper CZ
S04E21 Ruby Slippers CZ
S04E20 Something's Rotten in Redmund CZ
S04E19 Pink Champagne on Ice CZ
S04E18 Ruddy Cheeks CZ
S04E17 Cheap Burgundy CZ
S04E16 His Thoughts Were Red Thoughts CZ
S04E15 War of the Roses CZ
S04E14 At First Blush CZ
S04E13 Red is the New Black CZ
S04E12 My Bloody Valentine CZ
S04E11 Always Bet on Red CZ
S04E10 Fugue in Red CZ
S04E09 The Redshirt CZ
S04E08 Pink Tops CZ
S04E07 Blinking Red Light CZ
S04E06 Where in the World Is Carmine O'Brien? CZ
S04E05 Blood and Sand CZ
S04E04 Ring Around the Rosie CZ
S04E03 Pretty Red Balloon CZ
S04E02 Little Red Book CZ
S04E01 Scarlet Ribbons CZ
S03E24 Strawberries and Cream (Part 2) CZ
S03E23 Strawberries and Cream (Part 1) CZ
S03E22 Rhapsody in Red CZ
S03E21 Like A Redheaded Stepchild CZ
S03E20 Redacted CZ
S03E19 Every Rose Has Its Thorn CZ
S03E18 The Red Mile CZ
S03E17 Bloodstream CZ
S03E16 Red Queen CZ
S03E15 Red Gold CZ
S03E14 Blood For Blood CZ
S03E13 Red Alert CZ
S03E12 Bloodhounds CZ
S03E11 Bloodsport CZ
S03E10 Jolly Red Elf CZ
S03E09 Red Moon CZ
S03E08 Ball of Fire CZ
S03E07 Red Hot CZ
S03E06 Pink Chanel Suit CZ
S03E05 The Red Ponies CZ
S03E04 Red Carpet Treatment CZ
S03E03 The Blood on His Hands CZ
S03E02 Cackle-Bladder Blood CZ
S03E01 Red Sky at Night CZ
S02E23 Red Sky in the Morning CZ
S02E22 Red Letter CZ
S02E21 18-5-4 CZ
S02E20 Red All Over CZ
S02E19 Blood Money CZ
S02E18 Aingavite Baa CZ
S02E17 The Red Box CZ
S02E16 Code Red CZ
S02E15 Red Herring CZ
S02E14 Blood In, Blood Out CZ
S02E13 Redline CZ
S02E12 Bleeding Heart CZ
S02E11 Rose-Colored Glasses CZ
S02E10 Throwing Fire CZ
S02E09 A Price Above Rubies CZ
S02E08 His Red Right Hand CZ
S02E07 Red Bulls CZ
S02E06 Black Gold and Red Blood CZ
S02E05 Red Scare CZ
S02E04 Red Menace CZ
S02E03 Red Badge CZ
S02E02 The Scarlet Letter CZ
S02E01 Redemption CZ
S01E23 Red Johns Footsteps CZ
S01E22 Blood Brothers CZ
S01E21 Miss Red CZ
S01E20 Red Sauce CZ
S01E19 A Dozen Red Roses CZ
S01E18 Russet Potatoes CZ
S01E17 Carnelian Inc. CZ
S01E16 Bloodshot CZ
S01E15 Scarlett Fever CZ
S01E14 Crimson Casanova CZ
S01E13 Paint It Red CZ
S01E12 Red Rum CZ
S01E11 Red Johns Friends CZ
S01E10 Red Brick and Ivy CZ
S01E09 Flame Red CZ
S01E08 The Thin Red Line CZ
S01E07 Seeing Red CZ
S01E06 Red Handed CZ
S01E05 Redwood CZ
S01E04 Ladies in Red CZ
S01E03 Red Tide CZ
S01E02 Red Hair and Silver Tape CZ
S01E01 Pilot CZ