Titulky k seriálu Umbrella Academy

S02E10 The End Of Something 0
S02E09 743 0
S02E08 The Seven Stages 0
S02E07 Oga For Oga 0
S02E06 The Singapore Sling 0
S02E05 Valhalla 0
S02E04 The Majestic 12 0
S02E03 The Swedish Job 0
S02E02 The Frankel Footage 0
S02E01 Right Back Where We Started 0
S01E10 The White Violin CZ
S01E09 Changes CZ
S01E08 I Heard a Rumor CZ
S01E07 The Day That Was CZ
S01E06 The Day That Wasn't CZ
S01E05 Number Five CZ
S01E04 Man on the Moon CZ
S01E03 Extra Ordinary CZ
S01E02 Run Boy Run CZ
S01E01 We Only See Each Other at Weddings and Funerals CZ